COIL Stories

Learn about some of the organizations we’re working with:

cider on a bottling line

Terra Bio

Upcycling spent grain into plant-based protein powder.

Fill it Forward

Inspiring the world to reuse through technology!

miso paste on a canning line


Meal kit delivery service that is zero-waste.

cider on a bottling line


An innovative approach to reusable packaging.

green juice being poured into a glass


Household essentials delivered in reusable packaging by zero-emission vehicles.

miso paste on a canning line

All Sorts Acres Farm

Upcycling undesirable sheep’s wool into fertilizer pellets.

cider on a bottling line


Rescuing discarded produce to create delicious dog treats.

green juice being poured into a glass

Branching Out Support Services

Inclusive communities with a focus on circular food production.

miso paste on a canning line


Upcycling tofu by-products into innovative tasty products!

cider on a bottling line

Heartwood Farm and Cidery

Developing new beverages that integrate circularity at every level of the supply chain.

green juice being poured into a glass

CoLab: Upcycled Whole Plant Powders

Greenhouse Juice Co, Herbert Labs and SANIA+ worked to create new products from juice pulp.

Youth with microfarm

OASIS Ecosmart Urban Food Network

Community-led circular transitions

The SEED loading a van for a grocery delivery


Local grocery delivery project addresses food insecurity and access.

Ag Business & Crop Inc. at a farm show

Ag Business & Crop Inc.

Improving plant & planet health through precision agriculture.

Spent Goods products

Spent Goods

Transforming waste into delicious baked goods.

prepared meals in reusable containers stacked on top of each

The Conscious Kitchen

Prepared meal delivery company to increase their circular practices.

Open bag of Quinta Quinoa with quinoa spilling out

Quinta Quinoa

Supporting community health and reducing waste through local quinoa.

SunTech Greenhouse's hydropnic system with rail mounted vacuum

SunTech Greenhouses

Increasing crop health while decreasing waste.

person pouring beer into a tasting glass

Escarpment Labs

Craft yeast company explores upcycling wasted ingredients.

Woman putting a plant in a pot and ARES logo on the bottom left corner

A.R. Environmental Solutions Inc.

Transforming food waste into bioethenol & fertilizer through new innovation.

Farmer working on the field with fresh greens at Winterhill Farm & Garden

Winterhill Farm and Garden

Sustainably expanding operations to grow more local & nutritious food.

product jar on a white blanket

Beck’s Broth

Local entrepreneur reinvents bone broth into a delicious, healthy treat

man carrying blue cooler bag and rolling another bag with B12Give logo


Food redistribution app is transforming how retailers dispose of leftover food

Circulr return bin pictured in front of a bush


Reverse logistics business helping consumer packaged goods companies make the circular decision

multi coloured paper straws

Green Circle Dine Ware

Canadian manufacturer changes the narrative on the straw industry

plant being watered with nurture growth fertilizer sitting beside it

Nurture Growth Bio

Anerobic digestion providing an organic solution to food waste and toxic fertilizers

Photo by <a href="">Nickolas Nikolic</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

Windsor Industrial Development Laboratories

R&D firm explores ways to reuse old tires, giving them a new life

abbey gardens team standing beside each other in front of the abbey gardens sign

Abbey Gardens

Community Food Hub in Haliburton, ON is a place for people, businesses, and gardens to thrive


Green Bowl

Producing a line of upcycled, nutrient-dense Ready to Eat (RTE) meals