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Delivering sustainable essentials in a closed-loop packaging system.

 Saponetti creates access for consumers and businesses to cleaning and personal care products without the burden of single-use packaging. They deliver your daily essentials in refundable jars and retrieve the empty jars on your next delivery, in zero-emission vehicles. Through their Evolve project, Saponetti created a line of household essentials, from soaps to dishwasher tabs. Market research indicated that people like to obtain these products from places they are shopping regularly. With this knowledge and support from Evolve, Saponetti obtained shelf space at 4 retailers.

 The Impact

Making reuse convenient: Delivery is key for creating a convenient way for consumers to reuse. Saponetti provides zero emission deliveries, as well as many drop-off locations. 

Supporting business circularity: In the Evolve program, Saponetti explored the potential of working with B2B clients. Saponetti’s circular model can be used to supply various types of facilities (e.g., entertainment spaces, hotels and wellness centers) and reduce their environmental footprint. As the company grows, they will continue to seek community-based makers and entrepreneurs to collaborate with, increasing their global impact while pursuing a business-to-neighbour model of operation.

 How they made it work

The mentorship offered through Evolve was key to Saponetti’s success. Experienced mentors provided support and helped expand thinking on how to best reach customers and explore additional revenue streams.

Messaging that highlighted the cost-effectiveness of reusable containers helped consumers realize the benefits of reuse and make it a more mainstream and inclusive process.

Jamie Draves, Founder and CEO, with Quinta Quinoa products
Funded by the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario