Connecting the Circular Economy Ecosystem

COIL wants to bring the best minds together to share ideas, exchange resources and collaborate. Projects include:

Circular Economy Urban Rural Testbed

COIL is designed to develop, and scale circular economy innovations – and we want to work closely with entrepreneurs and businesses to prototype, test and prove circular business approaches in a real-world environment.

Centered in Guelph-Wellington, we’ve built a Circular Economy Urban Rural Testbed connecting over 150 stakeholders from the public, private and not-for-profit sectors dedicated to building a more sustainable economy. Our Circular Innovation Hub team, housed at Innovation Guelph, is dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes make connections, find supports and successfully launch their own circular solutions.

Interested in testing an idea or getting your business involved?

Sign up for a Testbed Passport and join the circular economy community!

Food Future Data Hub

Learn more about our regional food system and access circular economy data and applications at the Food Future Data Hub.

This data resource is growing all the time and by 2022 will incorporate all relevant food and environment sector data sets from across southern Ontario.

ReSource Exchange Marketplace

A peel or pulp may have little value for one business and be the golden ingredient for another.

Many businesses recognize that the by-products or wastage created in their production processes could have value to someone else.

The ReSource Exchange is a free online marketplace that connects organizations to buy, sell or trade materials that would otherwise be end-of-life. Organizations from across the food and environment supply chain can join the marketplace, post the products they believe still have more to give, and get them to other businesses that can maximize the economic, environmental and social value of those resources.

Join ReSource Exchange today and turn your waste stream into a new circular collaboration!

Circular Opportunity Innovation Launchpad

Circular innovation is happening across many sectors and organizations in Canada. One group’s discoveries and methodologies shouldn’t be a best kept secret.

COIL is creating a formal national network with other circular economy labs, incubators and accelerators across Canada to scale good ideas, share best practices and make it easy for any business or organization to join the circular economy movement.

To join or learn more, email [email protected].

Questions about how the Urban Rural Test Bed can benefit your business?

Get in touch with Innovation Guelph’s Circular Economy Innovation Hub (CE iHub) who can help you access and navigate the networks and opportunities we have to offer.

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