COIL Stories


Simplifying the world’s transition from single-use to reusable packaging. 

Friendlier provides a fully integrated reusable packaging program. Their cloud-based platform tracks reusable containers and incentivizes users to return them to the correct location to reduce waste and waste management costs.

Their COIL Activate project focused on streamlining the sanitation process of their containers. Friendlier identified that the drying of their containers had created a bottleneck in their process. The project involved a complete evaluation of their sanitation process and identified opportunities where improvements could be made. Some of these improvements included transitioning to different cleaning agents and installing new, efficient equipment.

Branching off from this project, Friendlier joined the CoLab program with Apical to identify and develop solutions for the cannabis industry. The two companies are piloting a retailer packaging project which will help producers gain insight to consumer buying
habits. Currently, there is little data available for suppliers so this packaging return system will enable them to receive data and sales insights.

 The Impact

Spearheading data & technology across industries: During the pandemic, Friendlier developed their own software to track and manage their container return system. Soon after, they realized that this software is transferable across a variety of industries to manage data.

Minimizing processing time & costs: Friendlier successfully implemented their ventilation system to maximize capacity at their washing facility and reduced overall processing time, drying time, and increased washing capacity. The sanitation process is a key step in their reuse system, and this project has allowed them to support higher volume clients and diversify their product offering.

How they made it work

Friendlier’s container return system relies heavily on their partner restaurants and retailers. They now have over 160 partners and have branched into the corporate world including offices, universities, and cities.

Friendlier performed a process audit in order to identify opportunities to improve speed and quality of sanitation. By focusing on optimizing their processing system, the project has allowed Friendlier to standardize their processes and create a playbook that will allow them to scale the system to other regions across the world.

Jamie Draves, Founder and CEO, with Quinta Quinoa products
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