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Quinta Quinoa:

Supporting community health and reducing waste through local quinoa

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Quinta Local Superfoods Inc. specializes in growing and preparing high quality, local gluten free crops. They developed the first Ontario quinoa crop and found success with their product, Quinta Quinoa. To increase their circularity as a business, they participated in the COIL Activate Circular Accelerator (COIL Activate). They focused on maximizing the use of their Quinta Quinoa byproducts, reducing waste, and supporting community food bank programs.

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The Impact

Reducing footprint: Through COIL Activate, they learned efficient ways to decrease their carbon and waste footprint while maintaining cost neutrality or experiencing cost savings. They were able to increase shipping efficiencies and ensure that all their packaging is recyclable.

Contributing to community health: Quinta Quinoa by Quinta Local Superfoods Inc. believes in their responsibility to help contribute to community health. In partnership with Food4Kids, they were able to provide over 4,000 units and 16,000 servings of their highly nutritious, local Ontario Quinta Quinoa to children in need and local food banks.

Repurpose with a purpose: Quinta Quinoa has been inspired to develop a repurposing plan for all their by-products and further diversify their revenue streams. They are working to enlarge and expand our circular economy community through knowledge sharing and partnerships.

How they made it work

Quinta Quinoa took advantage of the resources and opportunities offered through the COIL Activate program to increase their business circularity in a holistic way. The curriculum offered aligned with their values and helped them establish appropriate circular solutions, like partnership and reuse opportunities. Their collaboration with Food4Kids allowed them to provide their local Quinta Quinoa to children in need.

They also established a partnership with the Community Health Education Program, which enabled them to reduce their pallet consumption and waste while helping to improve their consolidation of box orders. Quinta Quinoa has now implemented a global approach to assess and re-assess the opportunity for efficiency, growth, and community contribution to an improved circular economy.

“It is essential that we start and continue to build our economic infrastructure around the principles of a Circular Economy, being cognizant of our impact on all aspects of our species within our environments. Be at the forefront of this integral and impactful approach to business…and life!” – Jamie Draves, Founder and CEO


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Jamie Draves, Founder and CEO, with Quinta Quinoa products
Funded by the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario