Circular Economy Business Passport

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Ready to kickstart your circular business transformation?

The Circular Economy Digital Passport is your link to the ideas, connections, and services that will help you implement circular practices throughout your business. The process is easy and free – simply sign up for your digital passport, meet with an iHub Connector to get connected with the supports and services that best suit your needs, and collect stamps to build your reputation as an aspiring circular business.

The Circular Economy Digital Passport provides businesses with exclusive access to the Circular Economy Urban Rural Test Bed — the leading Canadian circular economy network and ecosystem, which the City of Guelph and County of Wellington have been cultivating since 2019.

Our urban rural test bed approach allows us to work closely with businesses and entrepreneurs to prototype, test, and prove circular business approaches in a real-world, but reduced risk, environment. As a central node within the Circular Economy Urban Rural Test Bed network, the Circular Economy Innovation Hub (CE iHub), based out of Innovation Guelph, facilitates communication and collaboration across many interconnected projects and opportunities that uphold circular principles.