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Ag Business & Crop Inc.:

Improving plant & planet health through precision agriculture

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Ag Business & Crop at a farm show

Ag Business and Crop Inc. helps farmers across Canada understand how precision technology can allow them to increase productivity, improve crop health, and optimize inputs. Due to COVID-19, they have had to pivot from in-person demonstrations and trade shows to educational videos, with plans to resume trade show attendance. With COIL Activate Circular Accelerator (COIL Activate), they are expanding their reach through new marketing strategies and educational materials about their precision equipment. Encouraging regenerative and circular practices, Ag Business & Crop provides innovative solutions for their clients to make informed farming decisions.

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The Impact

Supporting growers: Providing farmers and commercial clients a way to gather consistent and accurate data helps them make informed decisions, increase profitability, and ensure the long-term success of their business.

Innovative technology: Ag Business & Crop offers a range of precision equipment that have been designed to last. For example, drones that can gather data on crop health and equipment that analyzes nutrients in the soil.

Rethinking farming: Ag Business & Crop provides some training on how technology can aid in growing healthier crops, which also leads to better economic returns. They inspire their clients to make informed, regenerative farming decisions, keeping the future of their business and the planet in mind.

How they made it work

Ag Business & Crop wants to help farmers experience the success and financial return provided by precision farming. Since precision agriculture equipment is intended to be environmentally friendly and cost-effective, they are working on finding new ways to raise awareness and educate farmers. By translating their educational and marketing materials into French, Ag Business and Crop is expanding their reach to new audiences.
Integrating circularity at all levels of their business, Ag Business & Crop maintains connections with both clients and manufacturers. For clients, they offer support and repairs to ensure their equipment lasts. Meanwhile, they are working with manufacturers to analyze how they can reuse parts and reduce waste in the process.

“I do have to say [starting your circular journey] takes a little bit of time but it makes you rethink what you’re doing right and look at it from another perspective” – Felix Weber, President & CEO of Ag Business & Crop Inc.


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Two soil samplers from Ag Business & Crop Inc.
Funded by the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario