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Local grocery delivery project addresses food insecurity and access

The Seed Logo
SEED Staff preparing meals

Groceries from The SEED was created in support of The SEED’s Emergency Food Home Delivery Program in order to continue providing good, healthy food to those who are food insecure. Community members can do their regular grocery shopping through The SEED, have them delivered, and help offset the cost of groceries for others.

Prepared meal of corn and rice from the SEED

The Impact

Increasing access: Redirecting and navigating food surplus’ that might have otherwise gone to waste and offering those items for free or on a sliding scale

Empowering the community: Innovating the food banking model by offering free and paid food alongside one another. Free food is listed with enough information (ex. Best before dates, quality statements, etc.) that the customer can make informed decisions and save good food from going to waste

Reducing waste: Wherever possible, The SEED limits the amount of plastic used by offering paper bags and transitioning to a reusable insulated grocery bag return system

How they made it work

The SEED’s goal is to increase food access and address food insecurity in Guelph and Wellington County. For example, The Upcycled Kitchen uses a variety of ingredients that may otherwise be wasted and turns them into healthy, prepared meals for those in need. It offers these meals on a sliding scale through the SEED’s grocery delivery. The more people who purchase their groceries through the SEED, the more they can offset the costs for those who are food insecure. Each grocery item is priced similarly to the prices you may already pay in a grocery store but by using the SEED’s grocery store, you’re helping your community.

Staff from the SEED loading grocery deliveries into a delivery truck
Funded by the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario