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The Conscious Kitchen:

Locally prepared meal delivery company continues to increase their circular practices

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rice, beans, and salad meal

The Conscious Kitchen uses local ingredients wherever possible and continues to look for ways to reduce their environmental impact. Since they participated in Our Food Future’s Seeding Our Food Future program, they have continued to focus on waste reduction and reusable packaging. Their COIL Circular Activate Accelerator (COIL Activate) project was focused on increasing those efforts and scaling up their zero-waste initiatives.

five prepared meals stacked in reusable containers

The Impact

Combating single-use plastics: Over the past three years, The Conscious Kitchen has saved the equivalent of 60,000 take-out containers from landfill

Supporting local organic farmers: Almost 100% of their in-season produce is sourced locally from organic farmers and 90% is organic in the offseason

Accessing new markets: COIL Activate helped them reach new customers with a more customizable product mix and raising awareness about different ways to interact with their product offerings.

How they made it work


By investing in zero-waste consumer packaging since the start of the business, The Conscious Kitchen has been able to quickly scale up those practices and continue to offer all deliveries in reusable containers as they venture into new markets. These new markets are possible thanks to their COIL Activate mentor who provided expert advice and surfaced new opportunities from a consumer perspective.

“[Businesses] have to build the business model around circular values and beliefs and then it is possible to be a truly profitable, circular business.” – Simone Weinstein, co-owner of The Conscious Kitchen

The Conscious Kitchen co-owners, Simone and Celeste
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