Evolve Circular Pre-Accelerator

Baker taking bread out of an oven

Launch your organization into the circular economy!

Attention all food and environment-focused organizations! The COIL Evolve Circular Pre-Accelerator will help you identify, apply, and adopt circular economy approaches throughout your organization. This unique program supports circular economy activities in southern Ontario and prepares some participants to apply for our
Activate Accelerator program.

Why should I go circular?

Circular practices are likely to be more efficient, sustainable and profitable than what you’re doing today.
Expanding circular concepts across your organization will help you to reduce waste and inefficiencies,
generate new revenue streams, unlock long-term savings, and foster innovation.

Is this program right for me?

As a COIL Evolve organization, your circular transformation will be supported by Canada’s leading circular economy
network and ecosystem. The Circular Economy Urban Rural Test Bed is a network of public, private, and not-for-profit organizations that enable businesses to prove and scale their circular approaches in real-world, but reduced risk, environments.


We’re looking for organizations that have what it takes to transform their community through circular business practices. The first cohort of this program will launch in
January 2022.


Southern Ontario for-profit, not-for-profit, and social enterprises. Food and environment focus

12-week program offers:

  • $5,000 grant
  • Hands-on executive-level mentorship
  • World-class circular economy training
  • Link to Canada’s leading agri-innovation hub